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We at CosmicTouch help you align with Cosmic Energy by giving you messages from your Guardian Angels and divine beings.

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About CosmicTouch

One of the most profound mysteries of life is how the natural realm and the spiritual realm operate so differently. You may not believe in a supreme being, but that does not automatically mean that you have no sense of spirituality. CosmicTouch by Ananya Tyagi, our primary goal is to uplift Humanity and raise global consciousness through a deeper understanding of the mind, soul, and body through Spiritual freedom.

It revolves around meditation and mindfulness in connection to strengthening your spirituality and allowing you to distant yourself from your ego and attachments. Youโ€™ll find posts about happiness, love, relationships, change, meaning, mindfulness, spirituality, simplicity, minimalism, letting go, and more. Not only will you find tips on how to become a better and happier person, but you will also find lessons, products, and resources that can help you deepen your Connection. You can Read more in our About Section.

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What Clients say About Ananya Tyagi

I was going through a very rough patch and was feeling lost. A friend recommended me to contact Ananya. She patiently listened and made me feel so much at ease.

I love her aura, her energy. There is a different level of calmness I feel in her presence.

The thing she mentioned about my life, left me surprised, and then she helped me evolve and understand my life journey and purpose. I could not realize why I go through the same cycle again and again, but could also work on changing the pattern.

I am so grateful to you Ananya for all your guidance. You are my guardian angel.


My 5-year-old has ADHD and Autism. Being a single mother, life has been anyways tough. I went to Ananya for guidance. She helped me connect with my higher soul and get the answers I have been searching for for years. She helped me in constantly cleaning my own stressful energy and I realized I have become much calmer and happy. With continuous healings from Ananya and Shanu, in 8 months, there has been a drastic improvement in my sonโ€™s development.

He can now start speaking full sentences. His concentration has also increased and he has also become a lot calmer. I can’t thank you both enough. I will always pray for both of you for helping a mother in dire need. I know, you both will always have my back.

Aditi Shukla

Thank you so much Ananya Tyagi and Shanu for helping my dad.

Your healings helped him so much. His recovery was miraculously fast.

He was suffering due to liver failure.

Your energies are so pure and he would get so much relief with your healings.

May God bless you both for all the good deeds that you are doing.

You are such wonderful souls.

I am so grateful for your help.

For comforting us in such stressful times and helping my family.